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Park Rules and Regulations
The following rules and regulations apply to all Otay Ranch Five Association private park facilities. These rules and regulations have been developed to ensure that all park facilities are available to all residents of Otay Ranch Five and to facilitate the long -term maintenance of all facilities. Residents, as well as guests, must follow these rules and regulations. Provisions for these Park Rules and Regulations, and the authority for enforcement, are contained in the Declaration and Bylaws of the Otay Ranch Five Community Association.

The private neighborhood parks have been provided to serve local neighborhoods. Because of their size and location, these parks cannot accommodate large group events. In the spirit of good neighborly regulations, large (over 10 people) events are specifically prohibited. Any exception to this rule may be considered by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis.

Park Rules and Regulations:
  1. Park hours are 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  2. The use of private parks is limited to residents and their guests. Residents and their guests shall not exceed a maximum of ten (10) people per household.
  3. A resident of Otay Ranch Five must accompany all guests.
  4. Barbecues are designed as charcoal burning only. No other materials are to be utilized. Residents are not to monopolize the barbecues and are to clean up the barbecue and surrounding area after use. All hot coals must be placed in designated “hot ash” disposal containers.
  5. All trash must be deposited in trash receptacle provided. Residents must remove any debris, toys, trash and other items from the private parks.
  6. No household trash, furniture, landscape waste, pet waste, debris or any other items may be dumped, deposited or otherwise disposed of in or around the Otay Ranch Five park, including in or around the trash bins located therein. No animals, animal remains or other organic materials may be dumped, deposited or otherwise disposed of in or around any portion of the park. The park trash bins are for the use of park visitors and Association vendors only.
  7. For safety reasons, children under the age of 14 should be accompanied by an adult when using the parks.
  8. Glass containers are prohibited.
  9. Radios, portable televisions, tape decks or similar equipment may only be utilized with earphones or headphones.
  10. Basketball or hardcourt areas shall not be monopolized. Times of play shall occur in 30-minute increments. However, if another resident is not waiting to use the court, play may continue until such other time as another resident wishes to use the court.
  11. Residents are responsible for any damage they cause to the park or park amenities and will be subject to appropriate Board action for reimbursement of costs associated with the repair of such damage/replacement.
  12. All dogs must be on a leash held by a person capable of controlling the animal at all times.
  13. Residents must clean up after their pets in all common areas.
  14. Residents must keep noise caused by pets to a minimum.
  15. No animal shall be staked, tied or left in any private park area.
WARNING: Use of the facilities by the entire household may be suspended, subject to a hearing by the Otav Ranch Five Board, for violation of these rules. Non-resident violators are subject to trespass laws, enforced by Chula Vista Police Department.
For the Board approved document with rules for the Otay Ranch Five Community Association park, please click here.